Sunset lightning bolt in Kansas by Anna Gottlieb

The colors in this storm were out of this world! I’ve never seen such a deeply hued hail core or such bright purples in the lightning. Add in some foreground & a bit of sunset & boom!

Beautiful lightning bolts near Ulysses by Anna Gottlieb

So much voltage in the one frame! The right hand bolt is actually hitting a pump jack!

Lightning and dust in the air by Bruno Gonçalves

The strong outflow from a severe thunderstorm blew large amounts of dust in our direction while trying to get some photos of lightning

One horse and a lightning storm by Bruno Gonçalves

In a fun afternoon chasing storms, the day ended with a beautiful scene before us: a green field, a magnificent horse and a severe thunderstorm!

Storm and a badass horse in Kansas by Anna Gottlieb

This was one beautiful badass horse. It was more interested in the storm chasers lined up along the fence than the huge supercell looming behind it! We made tracks as the gust front hit, hoping the horse found some shelter

Amazing lightning bolt in Colorado by Anna Gottlieb

This storm was so pretty. When it unleashed a huge CG with a crawler crawling it’s way through the upper structure of the storm, it went to another level

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