Supercell bolt from the blue

After I watched another supercell during that evening, a new storm arrived with a trajectory about ten kilometers further north. So I took the direction of Digoin.

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Isolated supercell in Nebraska

This was the beginnings of the Imperial Mothership supercell. Right from the word ‘go’ it was extremely photogenic

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Mothership structure over the Adriatic

This storm over the North Adriatic intensified rapidly and very soon took the form of a mothership structure

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Ligurian double strike

Downburst and double lightning strike near Savona during a night storm.

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The Vega Texas day

The Vega Texas supercell dropping some serious lightning bolts.

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Storm photos of the week

Mesmerizing shelf cloud over Baltic Sea by Marius Block

Stunning mammatus clouds by Samuele Pincelli

Close quarters strike by Graham Moore

A localized storm with half rainbow by Samuele Montedoro

The Vega Texas day by Laura Hedien

Magnificent supercell thunderstorm north of Leoti by William Demasi

Ligurian double strike by Dorian Dziadula

Summer lightning in Monfalcone by Klemen Bandelj

Mothership structure over the Adriatic by Gregor Vojščak

🆕 Triptych wall art

Michi Hutter 

Michi Hutter, a member of the storm chasing team Unwetter-Freaks from Germany, took this photogenic shelf cloud during the sunset in Northern Italy on July 7, 2022.

Gerardo Ibelli 

This very close crawler lightning in Barcelona was taken by Gerardo Ibelli, a Spanish storm chaser based in Tenerife, on August 12, 2022.

Aaron Sperschneider

Aaron Sperschneider, a member of the storm chasing group Sturmjäger NRW from Germany, captured this incredible image of a beautiful supercell in Geuda Springs in Kansas at sunset on May 14, 2018.

Lukas Gallo

Lukas Gallo, a member of the storm chasing group CzechStormSky from Czechia, captured this incredible image of a bolt of lightning on the Dehtář lake in Czechia on the 10th July 2020.

Michi Hutter

Michi Hutter, a member of the storm chasing group Unwetter-Freaks from Germany, photographed this stunning HP supercell near Fischbachau in southern Bavaria, which quickly turned into a violent line of storms.

Graham Moore

British storm chaser Graham Moore took this stunning photo of a CG lightning near Liberal in Kansas.

Francesco Gennari

A spectacular photo of a magnificent shelf cloud arriving at Riccione beach, taken by Italian storm chaser Francesco Gennari on June 7, 2022.

Marius Block

Brilliant photo of a shelf cloud near a lighthouse, taken on August 6, 2021 by Marius Block of the German storm-chasing team Unwetter-Freaks

Francesco Dalla Stella

This stunning view of the imposing whale’s mouth over Venice was taken by Italian storm chaser Francesco Dalla Stella on May 27, 2021.

Featured chase: Fabulous electrified LP supercell in Kansas

Featured chase: The Bad Tölz supercell

Featured chase: The Bernartice shelf cloud

Severe weather in Europe

Intense HP supercell near Ferrara by Marius Block

Stormy summer night in Bavaria by Michi Hutter

Bolts in the sea by Bruno Gonçalves

Lightning spectacle in Barcelona by Serge Zaka

Storm front in southern Germany by Andreas Feichtmeier

Massive lightning bolts over Adriatic Sea by Danijel Palčić

Spectacular lightning over Zagreb by Alan Grubelić

Lightning storm illuminates the Adriatic by Francesco Gennari

Fantastic lightning barrage by Francesco Gennari

Puglia Lightning Bros. by Walter Rose

Shelf cloud in southern Germany by Andreas Feichtmeier

Positive lightning in the Gulf of Trieste by Klemen Bandelj

The day I nearly died by Vianney Rudent

The last stage of a mesocyclonic LP supercell by Filip Petržílek

Blue hour lightning by Florian Sabo

Impressive lightning bolt over Zagreb by Alan Grubelić

Lightning dream by Francesco Gennari

A big mountain of clouds by Francesco Gennari

Two sisters seducing the photographer by Sendi Smoljo

Stunning thunderstorm in Tuscany by William Demasi

Zagreb storm by Alan Grubelić

Supercell storm over Donzenac in B&W by Emric Imbertie

Beautiful shelf cloud by Gregor Vojščak

Frequent lightning at the coast of Livorno by Michi Hutter

Beautiful supercell over Konice in B&W by Filip Petržílek

Lightning over Capri by Angelo Concilio

A beautiful night LP supercell by Francesco Gennari

Tornadic supercell in Veneto by Alessandro Piazza

Summer storm lights up Italian night by Angelo Concilio

Monster shelf cloud with anvil crawlers lightning by Šimon Rogl

Morning shelf cloud over the Island of Pag by Danijel Palčić

Line of severe storms in southern Bavaria by Michi Hutter

Intra‑cloud lightning in the south of France by Axel Guibourg

Thunderstorm in Cilento by Angelo Concilio

Amazing storm near Vicenza by Gregor Vojščak

Early stage of the HP supercell in southern Bavaria  by Michi Hutter

Featured storm: The Imperial supercell

Featured storm chasing group: CzechStormSky 🇨🇿

Photogenic shower by Filip Petržílek

Supercell in eastern Bohemia by Filip Petržílek

Stunning shelf cloud by Lukas Gallo

Under the shelf cloud by Filip Petržílek

Monster shelf cloud with anvil crawlers lightning by Šimon Rogl

Shelf cloud near Bernartice by Lukas Gallo

CG lightning over the Krkonoše by Filip Petržílek

Daytime lightning by Šimon Rogl

CG lightning show by Lukas Gallo

Thunderstorm under the stars by Lukas Gallo

A very close lightning strike on rainy foot by Filip Petržílek

Night show above Budweis by Lukas Gallo

Mammatus clouds and rainbow by Šimon Rogl

Noctilucent clouds over Central Bohemia by Šimon Rogl

Incredible storm in Šumava by Lukas Gallo

Fascinating sunset storm by Filip Petržílek

Amazing mammatus clouds by Šimon Rogl

Derecho storm over Prague by Šimon Rogl

Beautiful LP supercell by Lukas Gallo

Shelf cloud and double rainbow at Trutnovsko by Filip Petržílek

Beautiful stormy scenery in B&W by Filip Petržílek

🇺🇸 US storm chasers

🇮🇹 Italian storm chasers

Impressive tornado near Simla by Maurizio Signani

HP tornadic supercell near Pozzuolo Martesana by Maurizio Signani

Tornado over Bettegno by Maurizio Signani

Twin tornadoes during an outbreak in Colorado by Maurizio Signani

Amazing shelf cloud above Cesena by Francesco Gennari

Impressive night storm near Goodland by Maurizio Signani

Snow thunderstorm by Francesco Gennari

Lightning in a clear sky by Angelo Concilio

Shelf cloud in San Vincenzo by Samuele Montedoro

🇫🇷 French storm chasers

🇭🇷 Croatian storm chasers

Velebit behind a shelf cloud by Danijel Palčić

Stunning storm over Zadar by Danijel Palčić

Mesmerizing rainbow by Danijel Palčić

Lightnings over New Zagreb by Alan Grubelić

Lightning strikes Zagreb by Alan Grubelić

Storm above Zagreb by Alan Grubelić

Stunning lightning near Brusnjak by Danijel Palčić

Beautiful cumulonimbus over Velebit by Danijel Palčić

Lenticular beauty by Matija Šimunić

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