A shelf cloud over the Baltic coast by Marius Block

Impressive shelf cloud near the lighthouse in the north of Schleswig-Holstein

Mesmerizing shelf cloud over Baltic Sea by Marius Block

Another view of an impressive shelf cloud at the coast of the Baltic Sea

Storm under a wonderful starry sky by Francesco Gennari

Positive lightning bolts under a starry sky off the coast of Croatia during a summer night This beautiful storm kept me company on the beach for several hours. Taken from Riccione, Italy on August 6, 2021.

Positive lightning over the Adriatic Sea by Francesco Gennari

Positive lightning explodes out of the anvil of the storm, opening a gap in the immense clouds

A big mountain of clouds by Francesco Gennari

The immense power of this storm as it explodes at night off the coast of Croatia

The creation of Adam by Francesco Gennari

Two storms in Croatia have a lightning strike under a shooting star Taken from Riccione, Adriatic Sea on August 6, 2021.

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