Ligurian double strike by Dorian Dziadula

Downburst and double lightning strike near Savona during a night storm.

Branched lightnings near Salin-de-Giraud by Dorian Dziadula

The Camargue ponds pounded by branched thunderbolts, some very close, approx. 500-600 m away.

Fabulous CG lightning twins by Dorian Dziadula

Double CG lightning strikes a few hundred meters away, very close to the small island of Bergeggi in Liguria.

My treasure by Gerardo Ibelli

After a stormy night in Barcelona, this wonderful anvil crawler suddenly appeared during dawn.

Lightning over Pula by Sendi Smoljo

Huge thunderstorm passing the city of Pula.

The big one by Gerardo Ibelli

Extremely close lightning bolt near Les Corts, Barcelona

The “V” by Gerardo Ibelli

Two bolts making contact in the sea off the coast of Barcelona.

Lightning strike triplet in Pula by Sendi Smoljo

A triple lightning strike during a huge thunderstorm passing through the city of Pula.

Contact by Gerardo Ibelli

A cumulonimbus cloud flies over Barcelona.

Crazy electrical activity by Dorian Dziadula

Incredible storm in the Camargue with no less than 9 branched impacts over the course of 30 seconds.

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