Fantastic branched lightning by Francesco Gennari

During this August night, I had the opportunity to photograph a fantastic series of branched lightnings, among the best of the last 3 years

Magical atmosphere in the moonlight by Francesco Gennari

A beautiful storm erupts in the Bay of Port di Pesaro just before dawn

Epic full moon night storm by Francesco Gennari

A full moon night illuminated by beautiful storms and thousands of lightning along the Adriatic coast

A big mountain of clouds by Francesco Gennari

The immense power of this storm as it explodes at night off the coast of Croatia

A lightning dancing under the clouds by Francesco Gennari

A beautiful lightning dance under the clouds, lighting up the sea on a summer night

The creation of Adam by Francesco Gennari

Two storms in Croatia have a lightning strike under a shooting star Taken from Riccione, Adriatic Sea on August 6, 2021.

Lightning storm illuminates the Adriatic by Francesco Gennari

Fantastic night with a numerous series of storms illuminating the Adriatic as seen from Riccione

A beautiful night LP supercell by Francesco Gennari

This is how an amazing hunt with fantastic lightning strikes in the Adriatic Sea started

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