Fabulous CG lightning twins by Dorian Dziadula

Double CG lightning strikes a few hundred meters away, very close to the small island of Bergeggi in Liguria.

Night storm lightning show over Adriatic Sea by Gregor Vojščak

Beautiful lightning from isolated storm over the sea in Umag, Croatia.

CG lightning show by Lukas Gallo

Incredible CG lightning strikes near Písek.

Lightning show near Saucats by Mathieu Goalard

Beautiful CG lightning and associated intercloud lightning that illuminated a well-leaded base

Lucky strike by Florian Sabo

Intense and very bright, unexpected CG lightning strike in the Brandenberg Alps, taken a few kilometres south of Kufstein, Austria.

CG lightning over Vrchlabí by Filip Petržílek

Massive CG lightning over Vrchlabí during the night storm.

CG lightning over the Krkonoše by Filip Petržílek

In the late afternoon, intense storms were expected to pass on the axis of Poland, Czechia and Austria

Amazing lightning bolt in Colorado by Anna Gottlieb

This storm was so pretty. When it unleashed a huge CG with a crawler crawling it’s way through the upper structure of the storm, it went to another level

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