Majestic Cumulonimbus Incus near Prague by Šimon Rogl

One of my most popular photos was taken in the comfort of my home

Cumulonimbus by Jean-Mickaël Digbo

Epic thunderstorm in the south of Vercors, France

Contact by Gerardo Ibelli

A cumulonimbus cloud flies over Barcelona.

Magnificent cumulonimbus with pileus by Walter Rose

Beyond photogenicity. Incredible show at the end of August.

Emerging cumulonimbus by Angelo Concilio

A large cumulonimbus emerges from behind the peaks of the Picentini Mountains

Cumulonimbus over Pula by Alan Grubelić

This spectacular cumulonimbus with lightning was captured over the Croatian town of Pula, on the tip of the Istrian Peninsula from the Island of Pag in the Adriatic

Beautiful cumulonimbus over Velebit by Danijel Palčić

Panoramic view of a beautiful cumulonimbus over Velebit mountain in summer 2020.

An explosion of storm clouds by Angelo Concilio

Cumulonimbus cloud exploding with energy over the Campania region of southern Italy

Beautiful summer storm by Jean-Mickaël Digbo

That day you know it’s going to hit the peaks but that work makes you forget to check the sky… Stunning cumulonimbus taken from the balcony

Cumulonimbus over Salerno by Angelo Concilio

A large cumulonimbus has developed a few kilometers from the center of the city of Salerno

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