Shelf cloud during sunset in Northern Italy by Michi Hutter

Panorama of the intense hail core of this severe line of thunderstorms with a photogenic shelf cloud on its front.

Ingenious crawler lightning in Bavaria by Michi Hutter

An ingenious crawler action on the back of the powerful thunderstorm cell west of Munich.

Bavarian sunset thunderstorm by David Gruber

Nice evening mood during a thunderstorm in Altöting, Bavaria.

Colorful storm formations near Ferrara by Michi Hutter

This was the big highlight of a severe weather outbreak on that day in the Plains of Northern Italy.

LP supercell spinning across the Plains of Ferrara by Michi Hutter

This was the first storm during a high-shear setup with multiple supercells in Northern Italy.

Supercell in eastern Bohemia by Filip Petržílek

A supercell nested in the squall line, which locally hit Rovensko pod Troskami with hail up to 8-10 cm (3.15-3.94 inches) a few minutes later.

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