The perfect storm by Walter Rose

Supercell off the coast of Polignano a Mare in its most acute phase

Wonderful waterspout in Polignano a Mare by Walter Rose

A wonderful waterspout and at the same time one of the first of this unforgettable night

Amazing mammatus clouds by Šimon Rogl

Unexpected mammatus spectacle near Otvovice in the Central Bohemia region of Czechia.

Incredible storm structure in Puglia by Walter Rose

One of the most beautiful storm structures I’ve ever seen.

Waterspout near Rimini by Francesco Gennari

A beautiful waterspout near the coast of Rimini, Emilia Romagna, in the morning

Lightning in Gabicce Mare by Francesco Gennari

Lighting strikes very close to my position, in front of the rain curtain

Frightening Halloween shelf cloud by Walter Rose

Amazing storm structure in the Halloween afternoon

Thunderstorm in Cilento by Angelo Concilio

Great thunderstorm in Cilento, southern Italy

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