The perfect storm by Walter Rose

Supercell off the coast of Polignano a Mare in its most acute phase

Night storm lightning show over Adriatic Sea by Gregor Vojščak

Beautiful lightning from isolated storm over the sea in Umag, Croatia.

Epic positive lightning over Velebit by Danijel Palčić

Positive lightning over Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia

Thunder and steel by Alessandro Piazza

Impressive positive lightning from the top of a storm

Amazing positive lightning over the Adriatic by Francesco Gennari

Amazing positive lightning from a massive storm that exploded in front of Ancona.

Positive lightning in Gargano by Walter Rose

Amazing positive lightning in Gargano with stars in the background

Stunning storm over Zadar by Danijel Palčić

Storm system over Zadar area, with positive lightning strike

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