Lightning barrage near Koper by Klemen Bandelj

Lightning barrage near Koper around 12:30 am. My best lightning pic so far!

Sunset supercell near Postojna in Slovenia by Maja Kraljik

Near Postojna in Slovenia, this storm became a supercell that travelled further south across Istria and faded near Opatija in Croatia as the sun went down

Large supercell storm with a shelf cloud by Gregor Vojščak

Large supercell storm with a shelf cloud and nice striations near Ajdovščina in western Slovenia

Impressive supercell near Ajdovščina by Gregor Vojščak

One of my favorite supercells I intercepted near Ajdovščina in W Slovenia

Explosive updraft tower of a developing storm by Gregor Vojščak

Beautiful large updraft tower from developing storm over central Slovenia

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