A localized storm with half rainbow by Samuele Montedoro

Taken at Cerbaia in Tuscany, Italy on September 2, 2020

Shelf cloud in Comacchio by Samuele Montedoro

The afternoon passage of the front above Valli e Saline di Comacchio with its strong outflow winds and beautiful shelf cloud.

Electric Saturday night in Monsummano Alto by Samuele Montedoro

Squall line in formation between Pisa and Lucca heading towards Pistoia.

Streaks of a vast storm system by Samuele Montedoro

The streaks of a vast storm system arriving from Lombardy during a summer evening

Storm approaching to the Marshes of Fucecchio by Samuele Montedoro

A strong storm advancing from the Tuscany coast, ready to pass over the marshes

Squall line approaching Piombino by Samuele Montedoro

Possibly the final squall line of the 2020 storm-chasing season

Shelf cloud in San Vincenzo by Samuele Montedoro

A large shelf-cloud of a QLCS (Quasi-Linear convective system) ready to impact the coast

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