Fabulous electrified LP supercell in Kansas

French storm-chaser and photographer Dorian Dziadula recalls photographing an epic LP supercell in northwest Kansas.

The most photogenic storm I’ve witnessed during the years of hunting. An isolated and aesthetically perfect tornado warned LP supercell accompanied by extraordinary electrical activity near Selden in Kansas.

Several LP supercells emerged that evening of June 4, 2015 before a barrage of lightning that lasted more than an hour, striking every 3 seconds. Despite the absence of a tornado that day in our area, it was an evening rich in emotion.

Epic lightning bolt in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Fabulous LP supercell in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

LP supercell storm in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Exceptionally electric supercell in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Aesthetically perfect LP supercell by Dorian Dziadula

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