Flaming sky by Sütő Máté

It was a magical sunset when a nice storm came to me with this perfect red shelf cloud

Air shower by Sütő Máté

A miraculous afternoon shower in Szeged.

Alone in the lights by Sütő Máté

That storm and the lights before that was really beautiful with this little tree in the sunlight

Night supercell by Sütő Máté

My wife and I came to the outskirts of the city because of a small isolated storm. It looked nice, but later the night was crazy.

Power by Sütő Máté

This severe supercell was green because of the hail which was really big, 3-5 cm

Afternoon supercell by Sütő Máté

I thought it would be just a small storm because it was weak on the radar, but I still went to take pictures of it because I had too much time. It was a beautiful classic supercell that almost created a tornado.

Energy by Sütő Máté

Incredible storm in Szatymaz with heavy rain and small hail.

Rays by Sütő Máté

This little shower and the rainbow looked great, especially with these rays.

Almost touched the ground by Sütő Máté

These fractus clouds almost touched the field. It was a severe supercell.

Road to the supercell by Sütő Máté

The first supercell of the year with a great “rainbomb” and nice colors

Contrast by Sütő Máté

The sun gave me a few seconds to take some nice photos with the supercell and the corolla.

Showtime by Sütő Máté

It was a beautiful evening and night.

Lines by Sütő Máté

One of my favourite chases in 2020. Two HP supercells and this spectacular shelf cloud.

Under the rainbow by Sütő Máté

A little shower with great lights…it made my day

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