Storm chasing group from Czechia 🇨🇿

Apparel and accessories

CzechStormSky grey short‑sleeve unisex t‑shirt

CzechStormSky glossy ceramic mug

CzechStormSky black iPhone case

CzechStormSky grey iPhone case

CzechStormSky black short‑sleeve unisex t‑shirt

CzechStormSky black unisex premium hoodie

CzechStormSky grey unisex premium hoodie

Photo prints and wall art

Altocumulus Lenticularis over Loch Ness by Šimon Rogl

The last stage of a mesocyclonic LP supercell by Filip Petržílek

Beautiful LP supercell by Lukas Gallo

Derecho storm over Prague by Šimon Rogl

Fascinating sunset storm by Filip Petržílek

Monster shelf cloud with anvil crawlers lightning by Šimon Rogl

Daytime lightning by Šimon Rogl

Supercell in eastern Bohemia by Filip Petržílek

Marvel in the sky by Šimon Rogl

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