LP supercell storm in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Another lightning strike among dozens of others under an exceptional and memorable LP supercell in central Kansas

Thunder and steel by Alessandro Piazza

Impressive positive lightning from the top of a storm

Amazing night storm by Francesco Gennari

One of my favorite photos in absolute terms, a long shot and a temporary touch of artistic dots

Photogenic supercell in Texas by Maurizio Signani

Observing the advance of a photogenic supercell over the wheat field between Pecos and Fort Stockton, Texas

Intense lightning storm in Texas by Bruno Gonçalves

Stacked photo of an intense lightning storm in Happy, Texas

Impressive lightning over Mansle by Serge Zaka

Massive lightning over the village of Mansle in France

Supercell near Lamar, Colorado by Maurizio Signani

Beautiful supercell between Lamar and La Junta, dominated by outflow currents .

HP supercell between Colorado and Kansas by Maurizio Signani

After spending the night in Liberal, in southern Kansas on the border with Oklahoma, we decided on the basis of the forecast models to move at least 100 miles further southwest, between Guymon and Boise City, in the Oklahoma Panhandle, from here we have several road options in in case the thunderstorms developed even further north, in Colorado.

Exceptionally electric supercell in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Memorable evening near Selden with two LP supercells, including this one, exceptionally electric

Crazy night summer storm by Francesco Gennari

A crazy storm from the summer of 2015 that spread from Ancora to Venice

Spectacular supercell near Lamar, Colorado by Maurizio Signani

The shape of the mesocyclone seen in the distance was incredible.

Amazing lightning show in Gabicce Mare by Francesco Gennari

This was my first best shot in absolute, shot in May 2015

Stunning storm structure near Simla by Maurizio Signani

Probably the best storm structure I have ever captured in my storm-chasing career

Impressive tornado near Simla by Maurizio Signani

This was perhaps the craziest moment of my life, but also the most beautiful. being in front of a tornado like this has always been my biggest dream and here I realized it

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