Beautiful lightning storm in Nebraska by Bruno Gonçalves

After the supercell in Imperial, Nebraska, the day ended with one more lightning storm and a beautiful structure!

The day I nearly died by Vianney Rudent

At the end of the hunt in the Alpes de Haute Provence, I had fun photographing the last breaths of a cell more than 50 km away, with the spiders in the top the anvil

Lightning in South Texas by Anna Gottlieb

Everything is bigger in Texas! This was one of my favorite lightning bolts of 2019

Stunning cold air-mass thunderstorm by Vianney Rudent

One of my favorite photos! Air-mass thunderstorm of cold air in the gulf of Saint-Tropez, unleashing a formidable extranuclear flash from the top of the anvil

Mammoth shelf cloud by Samuele Pincelli

A mammoth cloud immortalized for my birthday behind the house

Lightning over the Big Bend National Park by Anna Gottlieb

Texas crawlers at sunset were amazing to behold. The sky was awash with amazing colours and the lightning gave it a surreal feel

Lenticular beauty by Matija Šimunić

Beautiful lenticular cloud in front of Velebit mountain in Croatia shaped by the very strong wind called Bora

Supercell road by Graham Moore

Storm chase took us to a quiet road when the storm passed over.

Impressive supercell near Ajdovščina by Gregor Vojščak

One of my favorite supercells I intercepted near Ajdovščina in W Slovenia

Massive lightning bolts over Hořice by Filip Petržílek

A severe night storm over Hořice, a town in the Hradec Králové Region of Czechia

The most photogenic supercell by Gregor Vojščak

The most photogenic supercell of 2019. Probably the most photogenic supercell we chased this year

Spectacular HP supercell near Carlino by Klemen Bandelj

Another great day of storm chasing and another beauty caught on camera

Multiple lightnings at the sunset by Serge Zaka

Beautiful storm in the north of Montpellier, south of France. This place is famous for its french vineyards and “Pic Saint Loup” wines

Stunning lightning near Brusnjak by Danijel Palčić

There weren’t a lot of lightning bolts in that system, but all of them were beautiful

Lightning and dust in the air by Bruno Gonçalves

The strong outflow from a severe thunderstorm blew large amounts of dust in our direction while trying to get some photos of lightning

Amazing supercell structure in northern Italy by Francesco Gennari

Amazing supercell structure intercepted near Forlì, North Italy

One horse and a lightning storm by Bruno Gonçalves

In a fun afternoon chasing storms, the day ended with a beautiful scene before us: a green field, a magnificent horse and a severe thunderstorm!

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