Cumulonimbus over Salerno by Angelo Concilio

A large cumulonimbus has developed a few kilometers from the center of the city of Salerno

An incredible electrical activity by Angelo Concilio

Towards 4 am a very strong thunderstorm hit the Amalfi Coast bringing large hail and damage to cars and roofs

Before the arrival of a strong thunderstorm by Angelo Concilio

Low clouds before the arrival of a strong thunderstorm that hit Avellino

Lightning over Capri by Angelo Concilio

Lightning bolt taken from a distance of almost 100 km

Emerging cumulonimbus by Angelo Concilio

A large cumulonimbus emerges from behind the peaks of the Picentini Mountains

Amazing sunset in southern Italy by Angelo Concilio

Beautiful sunset captured from the Apennines with the mountains of the Amalfi Coast in the background

The ghost ship by Angelo Concilio

Convective mesoscale system affected the southern Italy, bringing a beautiful storm colored by precipitation in front of and around lightning

Thunderstorm in Cilento by Angelo Concilio

Great thunderstorm in Cilento, southern Italy

An explosion of storm clouds by Angelo Concilio

Cumulonimbus cloud exploding with energy over the Campania region of southern Italy

Electric night in Salerno by Angelo Concilio

Amazing storm over Salerno in southern Italy during the night on the 14th September 2020

Rain showers at sunset by Angelo Concilio

After the strong storm on Friday, some rain showers affected the Gulf of Salerno at sunset

Summer storm lights up Italian night by Angelo Concilio

Lightning snaking across the skies above the Gulf of Salerno on a late summer night

Lightning in a clear sky by Angelo Concilio

Positive lightning that originated close to the top of the cumulonimbus cloud and struck the ground almost 20 km away

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