Turbulence by Florian Sabo

Sky full of mammatus clouds on a weakening storm in southern Bavaria

Epic night by Florian Sabo

Crazy lightning show in the Friuli Plains near Lignano, North Italy

U.F.O. by Florian Sabo

High-based thunderstorm with hail and severe wind gusts near Vienna, Austria

Approaching storm by Florian Sabo

Dominant outflow HP supercell on the german-austrian border near Fridolfing

Stormy sunset by Florian Sabo

Golden sunset light on a dying thunderstorm near Eggstätt (Chiemgau), South Germany

Blue hour lightning by Florian Sabo

Impressive crawler on a mesocyclone near Taufkirchen (Vils) in lower Bavaria, taken shortly after sunset

Waves by Florian Sabo

Amazing NLC show in south Germany near Rosenheim

Lucky strike by Florian Sabo

Intense and very bright, unexpected CG lightning strike in the Brandenberg Alps, taken a few kilometres south of Kufstein, Austria.

Whale’s mouth by Florian Sabo

Dramatic atmosphere with sharp cloud textures on a line of storms in eastern Bavaria

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