Positive lightning in the Gulf of Trieste by Klemen Bandelj

Positive lightning jumps from the top of the explosive updraft over the Trieste gulf

Lightning barrage near Koper by Klemen Bandelj

Lightning barrage near Koper around 12:30 am. My best lightning pic so far!

Amazing supercell near Vicenza by Klemen Bandelj

The beauty near Vicenza, a city in the Veneto region of northeast Italy

Beautiful HP supercell by Klemen Bandelj

HP supercell near Krsko moments before leaving Slovenia

Carlino supercell by Klemen Bandelj

My highlight of summer 2019. Spectacular HP supercell near Carlino in NE Italy

Spectacular HP supercell near Carlino by Klemen Bandelj

Another great day of storm chasing and another beauty caught on camera

Massive positive CG lightning by Klemen Bandelj

When the supercell began to intensify, some nice positive CG lightning bolts were flying around… This is one of them

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