A textbook Kelvin–Helmholtz instability by Lukas Gallo

An incredible Kelvin-Helmholtz waves in South Bohemia.

Significant lightning activity in Wallachia by Andrea Dadáková

Night supercell with significant lighting activity captured in Wallachia.

Classic supercell near Strakonice by Lukas Gallo

Impressive night storm near Strakonice in the South Bohemia region of Czechia

The Bernartice shelf cloud by Lukas Gallo

Amazing shelf cloud near Bernartice in portrait format.

CG lightning show by Lukas Gallo

Incredible CG lightning strikes near Písek.

Beautiful LP supercell by Lukas Gallo

LP supercell near Vodňany in the South Bohemia region of Czechia.

Beautiful supercell over Konice by Filip Petržílek

The beautiful structure of a supercell in the haze above Konice during the core splitting phase.

Beautiful supercell over Konice in B&W by Filip Petržílek

B&W picture from a joint trip with Martin V. (EF5_STORM) to Moravia.

The last stage of a mesocyclonic LP supercell by Filip Petržílek

A mesocyclonic LP supercell in the last phase before disintegration over the vineyards near Hustopeče.

A distinctive shelf cloud over Loučka by Andrea Dadáková

A strong storm with a distinctive structure near Pržno.

Supercell in eastern Bohemia by Filip Petržílek

A supercell nested in the squall line, which locally hit Rovensko pod Troskami with hail up to 8-10 cm (3.15-3.94 inches) a few minutes later.

Incredible storm in Šumava by Lukas Gallo

Never stop chasing. Beautiful storm near Zbytiny in Volarsko.

Beautiful stormy scenery by Filip Petržílek

Amazing scenery after the transition of the HP supercell

Thunderstorm under the stars by Lukas Gallo

Charming storm under the starry sky near Budweis

Epic crawler lightning in Prague by Šimon Rogl

Close-up view of a lightning channel. Experts do not agree whether it’s ribbon lightning or not.

Beautiful stormy scenery in B&W by Filip Petržílek

Amazing scenery after the transition of the HP supercell

Stunning shelf cloud by Lukas Gallo

Panoramic view at the stunning shelf cloud near Bernartice

Under the shelf cloud by Filip Petržílek

A warning of very strong thunderstorms was issued in Czechia on this day…

Night show above Budweis by Lukas Gallo

Beautiful lightning storm over Budweis in South Bohemia

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