The Imperial supercell in B&W by Bruno Gonçalves

Remembering the supercell from Imperial, Nebraska, that continued its evolution, giving a magnificent structure to all chasers present… something truly EPIC!

Severe warned supercell over Plainview by Bruno Gonçalves

Severe warned supercell over Plainview in Texas, with beautiful structure and 120km/h wind gusts

Impressive supercell in Plainview by Bruno Gonçalves

After several hours chasing in Texas, we spotted this huge severe warned supercell, NW of Amarillo, and drove in its direction

Multiple lightning strikes over Kansas City by Bruno Gonçalves

Multiple lightning strikes during a severe thunderstorm in Kansas City.

Awesome supercell and shelf cloud by Bruno Gonçalves

Supercell and shelf cloud captured in Maljamar, New Mexico.

Intense lightning storm in Texas by Bruno Gonçalves

Stacked photo of an intense lightning storm in Happy, Texas

Beautiful lightning storm in Nebraska by Bruno Gonçalves

After the supercell in Imperial, Nebraska, the day ended with one more lightning storm and a beautiful structure!

Lightning and dust in the air by Bruno Gonçalves

The strong outflow from a severe thunderstorm blew large amounts of dust in our direction while trying to get some photos of lightning

One horse and a lightning storm by Bruno Gonçalves

In a fun afternoon chasing storms, the day ended with a beautiful scene before us: a green field, a magnificent horse and a severe thunderstorm!

Bolts in the sea by Bruno Gonçalves

A double sea strike from a dying thunderstorm in Carvoeiro, Portugal

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