Awesome lightning storm by Walter Rose

Lightning storm in Savelletri / Selva di Fasano, Brindisi in southern Italy

The celestial fire by Walter Rose

Seems like the sky is taking the picture over me

The perfect storm by Walter Rose

Supercell off the coast of Polignano a Mare in its most acute phase

Stormstellar by Walter Rose

Beautiful positive lightning in Turi, Apulia in southern Italy

Magnificent cumulonimbus with pileus by Walter Rose

Beyond photogenicity. Incredible show at the end of August.

Love at first strike by Walter Rose

The purple lightning and an almost black sky like a perfect blend of regeneration

Poseidon’s trident by Walter Rose

When Poseidon decides to greet you like this.

Everything is illuminated by Walter Rose

Rain of lightnings over Adriatic sea, Apulian coast

A summer afternoon storm structure by Walter Rose

I love these short quiet moments before the storm.

The excellence of the storm by Walter Rose

A magnificent negative lightning strike in the Rutigliano, Bari countryside.

Violent storm in Puglia by Walter Rose

The violent flood storm that hit the coast of Monopoli and part of the Itria Valley

Wonderful waterspout in Polignano a Mare by Walter Rose

A wonderful waterspout and at the same time one of the first of this unforgettable night

Positive lightning in Gargano by Walter Rose

Amazing positive lightning in Gargano with stars in the background

Puglia Lightning Bros. by Walter Rose

Two beautiful positive lightning bolts on the Adriatic Sea illuminating the storm structure

Incredible storm structure in Puglia by Walter Rose

One of the most beautiful storm structures I’ve ever seen.

Frightening Halloween shelf cloud by Walter Rose

Amazing storm structure in the Halloween afternoon

Stunning positive lightning bolts by Walter Rose

Beautiful and adrenaline-pumping night storm in Noci, Puglia

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