Ligurian double strike by Dorian Dziadula

Downburst and double lightning strike near Savona during a night storm.

Branched lightnings near Salin-de-Giraud by Dorian Dziadula

The Camargue ponds pounded by branched thunderbolts, some very close, approx. 500-600 m away.

Fabulous CG lightning twins by Dorian Dziadula

Double CG lightning strikes a few hundred meters away, very close to the small island of Bergeggi in Liguria.

Powerful storm over Berre-l’Etang by Dorian Dziadula

CG lightning behind a powerful storm in Berre-l’Etang, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Nearby lightning strike by Dorian Dziadula

Stunning lightning strike approximately 1 km away during an overnight storm in Grau d’Agde, Hérault.

Lightning triplet east of Montpellier by Dorian Dziadula

Triple simultaneous lightning strikes on the east of Montpellier in the Hérault department of France.

Crazy electrical activity by Dorian Dziadula

Incredible storm in the Camargue with no less than 9 branched impacts over the course of 30 seconds.

Incredible isolated thunderstorm by Dorian Dziadula

The evening and the night were very promising on paper on the French Riviera with a promise of aesthetic storms as this sector knows how to produce.

Epic lightning bolt in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Another superb impact under this LP supercell observed in the Plains, during the blue hour.

Magnificent isolated storm by Dorian Dziadula

Isolated thunderstorm surge on the French Riviera, at the first light of the day

Fabulous LP supercell in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Several LP supercells emerged that June evening before a barrage of lightning that lasted more than an hour, striking every 3 seconds.

Thunderstorms in the Cannes hinterland by Dorian Dziadula

Magic lightning show at the start of the day, in the hinterland between the French Alps and Cannes

Thunderstorm approaching Narbonne by Dorian Dziadula

High-based thunderstorm with branching impacts, approaching the city of Narbonne.

Amazing isolated storm in Cannes by Dorian Dziadula

Another beautiful lightning bolt from this amazing isolated storm between Cannes and Nice, during a pleasant August night

LP supercell storm in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Another lightning strike among dozens of others under an exceptional and memorable LP supercell in central Kansas

Exceptionally electric supercell in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Memorable evening near Selden with two LP supercells, including this one, exceptionally electric

Impressive electric night above Toulouse by Dorian Dziadula

Exceptional stormy evening in the Toulouse agglomeration

Keraunic festival near Toulouse by Dorian Dziadula

Huge stormy evening of end of summer on the Midi-Pyrénées region

Water and electricity by Dorian Dziadula

Hail storm, with a high rotating base, and generous in lightning, passing over the north of the Gard

Electric surprise by Dorian Dziadula

Amazing lightning show in the direction of the Ardèche department

Lightning bolts on the Tuscany coast by Dorian Dziadula

After big thunderstorms in the morning near La Spezia, and a beautiful day in a muggy atmosphere, thunderstorms of medium level finally broke out in the middle of the night near Livorno, with spectacular lightning strikes, and beautiful convective boiling seen during almost 4 hours

Aesthetically perfect LP supercell by Dorian Dziadula

The most photogenic storm I’ve witnessed during the years of hunting.

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