Incredible isolated thunderstorm by Dorian Dziadula

The evening and the night were very promising on paper on the French Riviera with a promise of aesthetic storms as this sector knows how to produce.

Epic lightning bolt in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Another superb impact under this LP supercell observed in the Plains, during the blue hour.

Magnificent isolated storm by Dorian Dziadula

Isolated thunderstorm surge on the French Riviera, at the first light of the day

Fabulous LP supercell in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Several LP supercells emerged that June evening before a barrage of lightning that lasted more than an hour, striking every 3 seconds.

Stunning isolated storm by Serge Zaka

The full moon would light up cloud boils which makes the photography particularly bright. This is a panoramic version of two photos.

Thunderstorms in the Cannes hinterland by Dorian Dziadula

Magic lightning show at the start of the day, in the hinterland between the French Alps and Cannes

Magnificent supercell near Blaye in B&W by Emric Imbertie

A beastly afternoon supercell storm with a wall cloud near Blaye in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.

Impressive lightning in Rayol Canadel by Vianney Rudent

After almost 2 months of lockdown, what a pleasure to find a hint of freedom!

Amazing isolated storm in Cannes by Dorian Dziadula

Another beautiful lightning bolt from this amazing isolated storm between Cannes and Nice, during a pleasant August night

LP supercell storm in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Another lightning strike among dozens of others under an exceptional and memorable LP supercell in central Kansas

End of a beautiful HP supercell by Emric Imbertie

Beautiful HP supercell in the north of Creuse, France

Lightning spectacle in Barcelona by Serge Zaka

Six lightning strikes, four of them are in clear sky. I love mediterranean storms: always impressive and photogenic storms

Double pleasure at sunrise by Serge Zaka

Epic storm on the Mediterranean coast at sunrise with some stars and planets.

Isolated cell with extranuclear lightning by Vianney Rudent

Impressive spectacle with with extranuclear lightning off Sainte Maxime.

Cumulonimbus by Jean-Mickaël Digbo

Epic thunderstorm in the south of Vercors, France

Close lightning strike by Emric Imbertie

Back to the highlight of the 2020 storm season

Impressive lightning over Mansle by Serge Zaka

Massive lightning over the village of Mansle in France

Lightning barrage off Cap Sicié by Vianney Rudent

Impressive lightning barrage off Cap Sicié. Only 3 images of 20s stacked for this final rendering

Lightning show near Saucats by Mathieu Goalard

Beautiful CG lightning and associated intercloud lightning that illuminated a well-leaded base

Isolated cell near Saucats by Mathieu Goalard

This storm literally exploded before our astonished eyes

Lightning bolts over Mens by Jean-Mickaël Digbo

Magnificent storm over Mens, a commune in the Isère department in southeastern France, with the mountains of Trieves drawn by lightning

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