Impressive supercell with CG lightnings by Axel Guibourg

A severe storm developed over the Mediterranean coast, next to the Camargue region. An impressive mesocyclone with lots of CG lightning approached my position.

Supercell and cows by Axel Guibourg

The Roanne storm cell approached my position. Some cows made a graceful pose for the picture.

Stormy sunset by Emric Imbertie

Anvils of cold air mass thunderstorms at setting sun

Supercell bolt from the blue by Axel Guibourg

After I watched another supercell during that evening, a new storm arrived with a trajectory about ten kilometers further north. So I took the direction of Digoin.

Precipitation wall by Axel Guibourg

On the Mont Bouquet I watched the evacuation of a strong and isolated storm.

Back of a storm system by Axel Guibourg

A storm system in the south of France drains off to the Riviera. From the Calanques the sky becomes clear, with the illuminated cumulonimbus far away.

Summer downburst in southern France by Axel Guibourg

An isolated thunderstorm has formed after a very hot and dry afternoon near the Cevennes mountains.

Intra-cloud lightning in the south of France by Axel Guibourg

Storms from a free atmosphere have developed in the south of France. The electrical activity was mainly in the form of intra-cloud lightning.

Isolated thunderstorm near the Cevennes Mountains by Axel Guibourg

An isolated thunderstorm has formed after a very hot and dry afternoon near the Cevennes mountains.

Ligurian double strike by Dorian Dziadula

Downburst and double lightning strike near Savona during a night storm.

Double CG lightning with mesocyclone by Axel Guibourg

A supercell from the sea is coming to my position with numerous CG lightning strikes. A striated mesocyclone crossed a water surface in southern France.

Close lightning strike by Emric Imbertie

Back to the highlight of the 2020 storm season

Branched lightnings near Salin-de-Giraud by Dorian Dziadula

The Camargue ponds pounded by branched thunderbolts, some very close, approx. 500-600 m away.

Fabulous CG lightning twins by Dorian Dziadula

Double CG lightning strikes a few hundred meters away, very close to the small island of Bergeggi in Liguria.

Lightning spectacle in Barcelona by Serge Zaka

Six lightning strikes, four of them are in clear sky. I love mediterranean storms: always impressive and photogenic storms

Powerful storm over Berre-l’Etang by Dorian Dziadula

CG lightning behind a powerful storm in Berre-l’Etang, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Isolated cell with extranuclear lightning by Vianney Rudent

Impressive spectacle with with extranuclear lightning off Sainte Maxime.

Cumulonimbus by Jean-Mickaël Digbo

Epic thunderstorm in the south of Vercors, France

Supercell storm with a wall cloud by Emric Imbertie

Another shot from amazing afternoon supercell storm near Blaye

Impressive wall cloud under a severe supercell by Axel Guibourg

During a stormy evening near the Massif Central, with numerous supercells and large hail, an impressive wall cloud approached my position. This storm generated large hail up to 7 centimetres.

Nearby lightning strike by Dorian Dziadula

Stunning lightning strike approximately 1 km away during an overnight storm in Grau d’Agde, Hérault.

Lightning triplet east of Montpellier by Dorian Dziadula

Triple simultaneous lightning strikes on the east of Montpellier in the Hérault department of France.

Crazy electrical activity by Dorian Dziadula

Incredible storm in the Camargue with no less than 9 branched impacts over the course of 30 seconds.

Incredible isolated thunderstorm by Dorian Dziadula

The evening and the night were very promising on paper on the French Riviera with a promise of aesthetic storms as this sector knows how to produce.

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