Lightning spectacle in Barcelona by Serge Zaka

Six lightning strikes, four of them are in clear sky. I love mediterranean storms: always impressive and photogenic storms

Stunning isolated storm by Serge Zaka

The full moon would light up cloud boils which makes the photography particularly bright. This is a panoramic version of two photos.

Double pleasure at sunrise by Serge Zaka

Epic storm on the Mediterranean coast at sunrise with some stars and planets.

Impressive lightning over Mansle by Serge Zaka

Massive lightning over the village of Mansle in France

Lightning over Lake Montpellier by Serge Zaka

Mesmerizing storm over Lake Montpellier in south of France

Multiple lightnings at the sunset by Serge Zaka

Beautiful storm in the north of Montpellier, south of France. This place is famous for its french vineyards and “Pic Saint Loup” wines

Amazing sunset thunderstorm by Serge Zaka

Incredible storm over the bay of Cannes. Colors were amazing!

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