Lightning somewhere in Kansas by Graham Moore

Within 5 seconds of setting up, I managed to capture this from a fast moving severe storm in Kansas.

Lonely supercell in Colorado by Graham Moore

Stunning structured supercell west of Sheridan Lake, Colorado.

A stunning supercell storm in Colorado by Graham Moore

Brief but beautiful cone tornado touched down in Rogen County.

Devils Tower supercell by Graham Moore

Beautiful supercell over the Devils Tower monument.

New Mexico sunset by Graham Moore

After day chasing severe storms across Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, we had been treated to this amazing sunset as a supercell storm threw out some dramatic lightning

The Great Plains supercell by Graham Moore

Cloud forms can be spectacular out on the Great Plains but…

Distant twister by Graham Moore

The beginning of the monster that was the Bennington/Minneola Tornado

Twin lightning strikes on a severe storm by Graham Moore

Found this amongst the stormchase archives from the USA!

Sleepers by Graham Moore

A distant thunderstorm over a railway.

Shelfie by Graham Moore

UK storm chasing doesn’t normally come up as triumphant!

Supercell road by Graham Moore

Storm chase took us to a quiet road when the storm passed over.

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