Beautiful shelf cloud south of Munich by Michi Hutter

After a hot day, numerous thunderstorms formed between the Alps and Munich.

Mesmerizing shelf cloud over Baltic Sea by Marius Block

Another view of an impressive shelf cloud at the coast of the Baltic Sea

Shelf cloud during sunset in Northern Italy by Michi Hutter

Panorama of the intense hail core of this severe line of thunderstorms with a photogenic shelf cloud on its front.

Turbulence by Florian Sabo

Sky full of mammatus clouds on a weakening storm in southern Bavaria

Laminar structures on a storm east of Munich by Michi Hutter

After moving towards Eastern Bavaria, the lightning activity quickly increased and beautiful laminar structures formed on this shelf cloud near Dorfen.

Ingenious crawler lightning in Bavaria by Michi Hutter

An ingenious crawler action on the back of the powerful thunderstorm cell west of Munich.

A shelf cloud over the Baltic coast by Marius Block

Impressive shelf cloud near the lighthouse in the north of Schleswig-Holstein

Colorful storm formations near Ferrara by Michi Hutter

This was the big highlight of a severe weather outbreak on that day in the Plains of Northern Italy.

Bolt from the blue at the coast of Rome by Michi Hutter

As the supercell moved southward along the coast, multiple CGs brightened up the sky on the backside of this storm.

Frequent lightning at the coast of Livorno by Michi Hutter

After a calm night storms were firing up close to the coast of Tuscany.

Strobe lightning along the coast of Rome by Michi Hutter

Shortly after a powerful supercell hit the city of Civitavecchia, an impressive lightning show began.

Bluish supercell in the plains of Lazio by Michi Hutter

In the afternoon the very moist air mass at the coast of Lazio exploded and an isolated supercell formed near Orbetello.

Wall cloud north of the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Very low wall cloud of a supercell north of Port of Civitavecchia, also known as Port of Rome.

Supercell over the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Powerful supercell over the Port of Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Powerful supercell near Tarquinia by Michi Hutter

The photo was taken just a few moments after a powerful supercell began to rapidly intensify.

LP supercell spinning across the Plains of Ferrara by Michi Hutter

This was the first storm during a high-shear setup with multiple supercells in Northern Italy.

Epic night by Florian Sabo

Crazy lightning show in the Friuli Plains near Lignano, North Italy

Photogenic LP supercell in Sangerhausen by Michi Hutter

In an environment with very good shear conditions some very photogenic LP supercells developed over Thuringia and Saxony, and we were able to intercept one of them at Sangerhausen in the southern Harz region.

Stormy summer night in Bavaria by Michi Hutter

Powerful cell south of Munich with nice structure, which was producing some great CGs and crawlers at this time.

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