Spectacular supercell in Kansas by Maurizio Signani

The first of two supercells chased east of Goodland, Kansas.

Lightning show over Downtown St. Petersburg by Daniel Pollard

A summer storm over Downtown St. Petersburg, captured from near the Skyway Bridge

Amazing mammatus clouds by ┼áimon Rogl

Unexpected mammatus spectacle near Otvovice in the Central Bohemia region of Czechia.

Twin lightning strikes on a severe storm by Graham Moore

Found this amongst the stormchase archives from the USA!

Monster shelf cloud with anvil crawlers lightning by ┼áimon Rogl

Another example of how to be in the right place at the right time may not mean chasing storms in the field

Before the storm by Francesco Gennari

Shelf cloud of a storm arriving to the Romagna Riviera on a hot July morning. A seagull rests on the rocks before the storm

Amazing shelf cloud above Cesena by Francesco Gennari

A strong and very fast MCS structure near Cesena, Emilia Romagna, during a summer outbreak

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