Alone in the lights by Sütő Máté

That storm and the lights before that was really beautiful with this little tree in the sunlight

Lightning strike in B&W by Douglas Cunha

Night storm in Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Magnificent cumulonimbus with pileus by Walter Rose

Beyond photogenicity. Incredible show at the end of August.

A shelf cloud over the Baltic coast by Marius Block

Impressive shelf cloud near the lighthouse in the north of Schleswig-Holstein

Beautifully illuminated altocumulus lenticularis by Danijel Palčić

Lenticular cloud over Pag, illuminated by the moonlight and colored with the last colors of sunset

Night supercell by Sütő Máté

My wife and I came to the outskirts of the city because of a small isolated storm. It looked nice, but later the night was crazy.

Fantastic branched lightning by Francesco Gennari

During this August night, I had the opportunity to photograph a fantastic series of branched lightnings, among the best of the last 3 years

The perfect storm by Walter Rose

Supercell off the coast of Polignano a Mare in its most acute phase

Magical atmosphere in the moonlight by Francesco Gennari

A beautiful storm erupts in the Bay of Port di Pesaro just before dawn

Mesmerizing shelf cloud over Baltic Sea by Marius Block

Another view of an impressive shelf cloud at the coast of the Baltic Sea

Epic full moon night storm by Francesco Gennari

A full moon night illuminated by beautiful storms and thousands of lightning along the Adriatic coast

An incredible electrical activity by Angelo Concilio

Towards 4 am a very strong thunderstorm hit the Amalfi Coast bringing large hail and damage to cars and roofs

Storm under a wonderful starry sky by Francesco Gennari

Positive lightning bolts under a starry sky off the coast of Croatia during a summer night This beautiful storm kept me company on the beach for several hours. Taken from Riccione, Italy on August 6, 2021.

Beautiful stormy scenery by Filip Petržílek

Amazing scenery after the transition of the HP supercell

The charming river Sava by Alan Grubelić

Long exposure photo of the river Sava in Zagreb.

Power by Sütő Máté

This severe supercell was green because of the hail which was really big, 3-5 cm

A summer afternoon storm structure by Walter Rose

I love these short quiet moments before the storm.

Positive lightning over the Adriatic Sea by Francesco Gennari

Positive lightning explodes out of the anvil of the storm, opening a gap in the immense clouds

Fantastic lightning by Francesco Gennari

One of the biggest and mightiest lightnings of this season

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