Bolt from the blue at the coast of Rome by Michi Hutter

As the supercell moved southward along the coast, multiple CGs brightened up the sky on the backside of this storm.

Frequent lightning at the coast of Livorno by Michi Hutter

After a calm night storms were firing up close to the coast of Tuscany.

Strobe lightning along the coast of Rome by Michi Hutter

Shortly after a powerful supercell hit the city of Civitavecchia, an impressive lightning show began.

Bluish supercell in the plains of Lazio by Michi Hutter

In the afternoon the very moist air mass at the coast of Lazio exploded and an isolated supercell formed near Orbetello.

Wall cloud north of the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Very low wall cloud of a supercell north of Port of Civitavecchia, also known as Port of Rome.

Supercell over the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Powerful supercell over the Port of Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Air shower by Sütő Máté

A miraculous afternoon shower in Szeged.

Lightning over Pula by Sendi Smoljo

Huge thunderstorm passing the city of Pula.

Lightning strike triplet in Pula by Sendi Smoljo

A triple lightning strike during a huge thunderstorm passing through the city of Pula.

CG lightning show by Lukas Gallo

Incredible CG lightning strikes near Písek.

Stormy summer night in Bavaria by Michi Hutter

Powerful cell south of Munich with nice structure, which was producing some great CGs and crawlers at this time.

Beautiful supercell over Konice by Filip Petržílek

The beautiful structure of a supercell in the haze above Konice during the core splitting phase.

Beautiful supercell over Konice in B&W by Filip Petržílek

B&W picture from a joint trip with Martin V. (EF5_STORM) to Moravia.

The last stage of a mesocyclonic LP supercell by Filip Petržílek

A mesocyclonic LP supercell in the last phase before disintegration over the vineyards near Hustopeče.

Supercell in eastern Bohemia by Filip Petržílek

A supercell nested in the squall line, which locally hit Rovensko pod Troskami with hail up to 8-10 cm (3.15-3.94 inches) a few minutes later.

Incredible storm in Šumava by Lukas Gallo

Never stop chasing. Beautiful storm near Zbytiny in Volarsko.

The Bad Tölz supercell by Michi Hutter

The greenish glittering hail core of the HP supercell south of Bad Tölz.

Impressive supercell west of Bad Tölz by Michi Hutter

Mesocyclone structure on an HP supercell west of Bad Tölz, as it was moving east close to the mountains. At this point the supercell reached its peak intensity with lots of close lightning strikes

Insane structures of the supercell near Bad Tölz by Michi Hutter

Such an amazing experience after waiting for more than two hours in the Bavarian landscape. This storm managed to form these insane structures in only 15 minutes.

Poseidon’s trident by Walter Rose

When Poseidon decides to greet you like this.

Line of severe storms in southern Bavaria by Michi Hutter

After becoming outflow-dominant, the HP supercell quickly changed into a severe line of storms, giving us still some good structure.

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