Photogenic supercell in Texas by Maurizio Signani

Observing the advance of a photogenic supercell over the wheat field between Pecos and Fort Stockton, Texas

Spectacular supercell in Kansas by Maurizio Signani

The first of two supercells chased east of Goodland, Kansas.

Under an incredible tornadic supercell by Maurizio Signani

Tornadic supercell near Carpenedolo during the tornado outbreak in the province of Brescia

Incredible tornadic HP supercell by Maurizio Signani

The very strong hot and humid inflow wind blowing towards the storm should be noted

Supercell near Lamar, Colorado by Maurizio Signani

Beautiful supercell between Lamar and La Junta, dominated by outflow currents .

HP supercell between Colorado and Kansas by Maurizio Signani

After spending the night in Liberal, in southern Kansas on the border with Oklahoma, we decided on the basis of the forecast models to move at least 100 miles further southwest, between Guymon and Boise City, in the Oklahoma Panhandle, from here we have several road options in in case the thunderstorms developed even further north, in Colorado.

Incredible supercell in Leno by Maurizio Signani

After several days of anomalous heat with temperatures well above the average of the period in northern Italy, in the afternoon and evening of Sunday 29 April, a modest frontal system was expected to rise from the south for the deepening of a vast circulation of low pressure on Western Europe.

Supercell in Zevio by Maurizio Signani

A classic supercell in Zevio, a comune in the Province of Verona in the Italian region Veneto

Intense HP supercell by Maurizio Signani

Impressive hail core of an intense HP supercell in eastern Colorado

Spectacular supercell near Lamar, Colorado by Maurizio Signani

The shape of the mesocyclone seen in the distance was incredible.

A classic tornadic supercell by Maurizio Signani

Tornadic supercell near Rivolta d’Adda, a comune in the Province of Cremona in the Italian region Lombardy

HP supercell near Mirandola by Maurizio Signani

Another amazing structure near Mirandola, a comune on the south side of the Po Valley, in the Province of Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy

Tornadic HP supercell near Caravaggio by Maurizio Signani

An incredible structure along the highway A35 near Caravaggio, the province of Bergamo in Italy 

Stunning storm structure near Simla by Maurizio Signani

Probably the best storm structure I have ever captured in my storm-chasing career

Supercell over Eraclea in northern Italy by Maurizio Signani

Supercell over Eraclea, a small city and commune in the Metropolitan City of Venice, Veneto, northern Italy

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