Epic crawler lightning in Prague by Šimon Rogl

Close-up view of a lightning channel. Experts do not agree whether it’s ribbon lightning or not.

Majestic Cumulonimbus Incus near Prague by Šimon Rogl

One of my most popular photos was taken in the comfort of my home

Monster shelf cloud with anvil crawlers lightning by Šimon Rogl

Another example of how to be in the right place at the right time may not mean chasing storms in the field

Marvel in the sky by Šimon Rogl

Colorful thunderstorm with right-side updraft captured near Otvovice on May 30, 2017

Derecho storm over Prague by Šimon Rogl

Intense storm in Prague taken from Jižní Město. The storm met the definition of derecho.

Purple sunset by Šimon Rogl

Breathtaking view of Stratucumulus clouds flooded with pink light during sunset.

Amazing mammatus clouds by Šimon Rogl

Unexpected mammatus spectacle near Otvovice in the Central Bohemia region of Czechia.

Daytime lightning by Šimon Rogl

One of my first attempts to photograph lightning in broad daylight, I was very happy with it.

Mesmerizing convective shower by Šimon Rogl

I don’t know if I can call myself a storm hunter, but rather a man who is in the right place at the right time, a photographer who doesn’t paint pictures with a brush, but a photo camera.

Crepuscular rays at sunrise by Šimon Rogl

In the morning you wake up you get in the car, you look around, the sun starts to rise, and you see that it will be a breathtaking spectacle

Beautiful mammatus clouds display by Šimon Rogl

This unexpected mammatus spectacle occurred near Otvovice when I was walking the dog

Altocumulus Lenticularis over Loch Ness by Šimon Rogl

One should fulfill one’s childhood dreams, one of mine was to take a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. It didn’t work out well…

Mammatus clouds and rainbow by Šimon Rogl

Beautiful view of the rainbow shining below the mammatus clouds

Noctilucent clouds over Central Bohemia by Šimon Rogl

Probably one of the most notable noctilucent clouds of 2020 from Central Bohemia.

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