Spectacular supercell near Leoti, Kansas by William Demasi

Probably one of the best days of our stay in the United States, from an initially linear thunderstorm system, a tornadic supercell was born among the most photogenic and impressive we have observed.

Mammatus clouds underneath the Leoti supercell by William Demasi

Mammatus clouds formed on the underside of the anvil, beautifully illuminated by the setting sun.

Epic positive lightning over Velebit by Danijel Palčić

Positive lightning over Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia

Tornadic supercell near Leoti by William Demasi

Tornadic sculpted supercell with an extremely spectacular evolution, characterized by a strong rotation of the mesocyclone even in the medium levels.

Amazing lightning near Leoti by William Demasi

Magnificent sunset and some spectacular lightning strikes.

Sunset supercell near Leoti by William Demasi

The storm system was born in convergence on the dry line, lasting until the evening hours and giving a magnificent sunset and some spectacular lightning strikes.

Distant twister by Graham Moore

The beginning of the monster that was the Bennington/Minneola Tornado

Lightning bolts on the Tuscany coast by Dorian Dziadula

After big thunderstorms in the morning near La Spezia, and a beautiful day in a muggy atmosphere, thunderstorms of medium level finally broke out in the middle of the night near Livorno, with spectacular lightning strikes, and beautiful convective boiling seen during almost 4 hours

Lightning in Gabicce Mare by Francesco Gennari

Lighting strikes very close to my position, in front of the rain curtain

Beautiful storm near Gabicce Monte by Francesco Gennari

I watched this storm born behind the Apennines and develop over the Adriatic sea, with heavy rain

Outflow II by Mathieu Goalard

A gorgeous storm arrived on our position, on the Landes coast after a very hot day, and accompanied by a rather powerful outflow

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