Positive lightning in Prosecco by Gregor Vojščak

Some nice deep convection with positive lightning which was a bit obscured but i love the combination

Back of a storm system by Axel Guibourg

A storm system in the south of France drains off to the Riviera. From the Calanques the sky becomes clear, with the illuminated cumulonimbus far away.

Positive lightning in the Gulf of Trieste by Klemen Bandelj

Positive lightning jumps from the top of the explosive updraft over the Trieste gulf

Beautiful shelf cloud by Gregor Vojščak

Beautiful shelf cloud from the dominant outflow supercell we chased in Croatia

Intra-cloud lightning in the south of France by Axel Guibourg

Storms from a free atmosphere have developed in the south of France. The electrical activity was mainly in the form of intra-cloud lightning.

Spectacular branched CG lightning bolt by Gregor Vojščak

Nice branched CG lightning behind the island Krk when storms were firing up in Kvarner bay, Croatia

Six hours long lightning show by Gregor Vojščak

Amazing September night near Umag, when isolated storms were firing up with frequent lightnings for 6 hours non stop

Lightning spectacle in Barcelona by Serge Zaka

Six lightning strikes, four of them are in clear sky. I love mediterranean storms: always impressive and photogenic storms

Monster shelf cloud with anvil crawlers lightning by Šimon Rogl

Another example of how to be in the right place at the right time may not mean chasing storms in the field

Fantastic lightning by Francesco Gennari

One of the biggest and mightiest lightnings of this season

Epic positive lightning over Velebit by Danijel Palčić

Positive lightning over Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia

Mind-blowing green hail core by Alessandro Piazza

Severe storm with shelf cloud and mind blowing green hail core in Guidizzolo, Lombardia

Fantastic branched lightning by Francesco Gennari

During this August night, I had the opportunity to photograph a fantastic series of branched lightnings, among the best of the last 3 years

Amazing LP supercell over Ljubljana by Gregor Vojščak

Amazing view at LP supercell over our capital city Ljubljana

Frequent lightning at the coast of Livorno by Michi Hutter

After a calm night storms were firing up close to the coast of Tuscany.

Strobe lightning along the coast of Rome by Michi Hutter

Shortly after a powerful supercell hit the city of Civitavecchia, an impressive lightning show began.

Bluish supercell in the plains of Lazio by Michi Hutter

In the afternoon the very moist air mass at the coast of Lazio exploded and an isolated supercell formed near Orbetello.

Wall cloud north of the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Very low wall cloud of a supercell north of Port of Civitavecchia, also known as Port of Rome.

Supercell over the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Powerful supercell over the Port of Rome, Lazio, Italy.

Powerful supercell near Tarquinia by Michi Hutter

The photo was taken just a few moments after a powerful supercell began to rapidly intensify.

Tornadic supercell near Novska by Gregor Vojščak

New cycling stage of a tornadic supercell we chased near the town of Novska in Croatia

Supercell storm near Vicenza by Gregor Vojščak

Wide angle shot of amazing supercell storm near Vicenza

Incredible isolated thunderstorm by Dorian Dziadula

The evening and the night were very promising on paper on the French Riviera with a promise of aesthetic storms as this sector knows how to produce.

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