Impressive supercell with CG lightnings by Axel Guibourg

A severe storm developed over the Mediterranean coast, next to the Camargue region. An impressive mesocyclone with lots of CG lightning approached my position.

The most photogenic supercell by Gregor Vojščak

The most photogenic supercell of 2019. Probably the most photogenic supercell we chased this year

Storm and a badass horse in Kansas by Anna Gottlieb

This was one beautiful badass horse. It was more interested in the storm chasers lined up along the fence than the huge supercell looming behind it! We made tracks as the gust front hit, hoping the horse found some shelter

Cumulonimbus over Salerno by Angelo Concilio

A large cumulonimbus has developed a few kilometers from the center of the city of Salerno

Supercell and cows by Axel Guibourg

The Roanne storm cell approached my position. Some cows made a graceful pose for the picture.

Stormy sunset by Emric Imbertie

Anvils of cold air mass thunderstorms at setting sun

Supercell bolt from the blue by Axel Guibourg

After I watched another supercell during that evening, a new storm arrived with a trajectory about ten kilometers further north. So I took the direction of Digoin.

Photogenic supercell in Kansas by Laura Hedien

Always fun trying to take panoramic photos in 40+mph winds

Awesome lightning storm by Walter Rose

Lightning storm in Savelletri / Selva di Fasano, Brindisi in southern Italy

Isolated supercell in Nebraska by Anna Gottlieb

This was the beginnings of the Imperial Mothership supercell. Right from the word ‘go’ it was extremely photogenic

Mothership structure over the Adriatic by Gregor Vojščak

This storm over the North Adriatic intensified rapidly and very soon took the form of a mothership structure

Precipitation wall by Axel Guibourg

On the Mont Bouquet I watched the evacuation of a strong and isolated storm.

Beautiful Friday night lightning bolts by Anna Gottlieb

This is one frame of beautiful bolts & probably one of the best lightning shots I’ve ever taken

Positive lightning in Prosecco by Gregor Vojščak

Some nice deep convection with positive lightning which was a bit obscured but i love the combination

The celestial fire by Walter Rose

Seems like the sky is taking the picture over me

Back of a storm system by Axel Guibourg

A storm system in the south of France drains off to the Riviera. From the Calanques the sky becomes clear, with the illuminated cumulonimbus far away.

Summer downburst in southern France by Axel Guibourg

An isolated thunderstorm has formed after a very hot and dry afternoon near the Cevennes mountains.

Positive lightning in the Gulf of Trieste by Klemen Bandelj

Positive lightning jumps from the top of the explosive updraft over the Trieste gulf

When the sky touches the earth by Anna Gottlieb

This amazing, ground-scraping, tornado-warned monster of a supercell was coming straight for us at this point

Pentecost storm near Gruiten by Aaron Sperschneider

The devastating Pentecost storm that swept over North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in 2014. The storm was described as one of the most violent in decades by the German weather service.

Beautiful shelf cloud by Gregor Vojščak

Beautiful shelf cloud from the dominant outflow supercell we chased in Croatia

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