Photogenic supercell in Kansas by Laura Hedien

Always fun trying to take panoramic photos in 40+mph winds

The Vega Texas day by Laura Hedien

The Vega Texas supercell dropping some serious lightning bolts.

Incredible lightning near Richfield by Laura Hedien

It was a more traditional chase of shoot, scoot, shoot some more, scoot some more… a bit more exciting and I think I still have dirt in my ears and pie hole.

Incredible LP supercell in Kansas by Laura Hedien

An “LP sup” (low precipitation supercell) near Moscow KS. She was spinning like a top but they rarely produce tornadoes so you sit back and enjoy the show.

Excellent lightning storm near Balko by Laura Hedien

What a fun day this was… every day was fun! Seemed to be an excellent lightning storm year and I am so thankful and grateful.

Sunset shelf cloud at Lake Red Rock by Mark De Bruin

Amazing shelf cloud at Lake Red Rock, Iowa at sunset

Lightning show over Downtown St. Petersburg by Daniel Pollard

A summer storm over Downtown St. Petersburg, captured from near the Skyway Bridge

Lightning storm near Brewster by Laura Hedien

Spaceship and lightning near Brewster, Kansas at sunset

Positively shocking by Laura Hedien

A lightning storm at the end of June in Kansas puts down some incredible lightning bolts.

Lightning in Chiefland by Daniel Pollard

Stunning lightning bolt in Chiefland, Florida

Feathered lightning bolt in Roy by Laura Hedien

Impressive lightning outside of Roy, New Mexico.

Monster hail core in Baxter, Iowa by Mark De Bruin

The chaser became the chased on this day when I positioned myself ahead of a monster hail core and realized it was moving much faster than anticipated

Sunset outside of Taylor by Laura Hedien

Incredible sunset outside of Taylor, North Dakota. Love the old wooden barns!

Storm and old truck at sunset by Laura Hedien

A storm near Philip, South Dakota with vintage farm equipment and old truck

Supercell over Sugar City grain elevator by Laura Hedien

Gran elevators are an absolute favorite! Every town and city from Nebraska west has one. Most are abandoned but make for excellent subjects.

Rays and rails by Laura Hedien

Impending storm just south of the Nebraska Sandhills.

Abandoned house with an impending storm by Laura Hedien

B&W image of an abandoned house outside of Punkin Center, Colorado.

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