The most photogenic supercell by Gregor Vojščak

The most photogenic supercell of 2019. Probably the most photogenic supercell we chased this year

The celestial fire by Walter Rose

Seems like the sky is taking the picture over me

Beautiful shelf cloud by Gregor Vojščak

Beautiful shelf cloud from the dominant outflow supercell we chased in Croatia

Spectacular branched CG lightning bolt by Gregor Vojščak

Nice branched CG lightning behind the island Krk when storms were firing up in Kvarner bay, Croatia

The Imperial supercell in B&W by Bruno Gonçalves

Remembering the supercell from Imperial, Nebraska, that continued its evolution, giving a magnificent structure to all chasers present… something truly EPIC!

Mammatus clouds illuminated by the setting sun by Aaron Sperschneider

These cloud bumps are called mammatus clouds. They look particularly impressive when illuminated by the setting sun.

Isolated supercell over a beautiful green field by Anna Gottlieb

We started chasing it in Kansas, ending up in Nebraska with every stage of this storm being more beautiful than the last

Beautiful HP supercell by Klemen Bandelj

HP supercell near Krsko moments before leaving Slovenia

Carlino supercell by Klemen Bandelj

My highlight of summer 2019. Spectacular HP supercell near Carlino in NE Italy

Mammatus clouds southeast of Amarillo by Anna Gottlieb

Mamms are my favourite clouds & at sunset they are even prettier

Tornadic supercell near Novska by Gregor Vojščak

New cycling stage of a tornadic supercell we chased near the town of Novska in Croatia

Huge shelf cloud passing over the island of Pag by Danijel Palčić

A shelf cloud bringing heavy rain and a strong west wind to Lun, Island of Pag

Love at first strike by Walter Rose

The purple lightning and an almost black sky like a perfect blend of regeneration

A distinctive shelf cloud over Loučka by Andrea Dadáková

A strong storm with a distinctive structure near Pržno.

Everything is illuminated by Walter Rose

Rain of lightnings over Adriatic sea, Apulian coast

Rush hour is coming by Sendi Smoljo

Huge shelf cloud is coming to eat the city

Amazing positive lightning over the Adriatic by Francesco Gennari

Amazing positive lightning from a massive storm that exploded in front of Ancona.

Beautiful lightning bolts near Ulysses by Anna Gottlieb

So much voltage in the one frame! The right hand bolt is actually hitting a pump jack!

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