Pentecost storm near Gruiten by Aaron Sperschneider

The devastating Pentecost storm that swept over North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in 2014. The storm was described as one of the most violent in decades by the German weather service.

Tornado near Geuda Springs, Kansas by Aaron Sperschneider

It is difficult to find the right words for what we were allowed to experience that day in Kansas. In the end it was “just” a tornado, a maximum of pure vertical vorticity materialized in a condensed cloud funnel. For us it was much more – it was Mother Nature in her perfect form, an exclusive moment, pure fascination and the highlight of our tour so far.

Mesmerizing gust front at sunset by Aaron Sperschneider

Shortly after a strong thunderstorm cell passed over our location near Fulda (Hessen, Germany), a second, weaker thunderstorm formed.

The Geuda Springs supercell by Aaron Sperschneider

This supercell displayed its dangerous beauty in the light of the setting sun. The blue sky was visible on the left while the anvil spread out above it at a height of around 15 km.

Mammatus clouds illuminated by the setting sun by Aaron Sperschneider

These cloud bumps are called mammatus clouds. They look particularly impressive when illuminated by the setting sun.

Green monster by Aaron Sperschneider

An impressive thunderstorm that we observed in the border area between Oklahoma and Texas.

Highway to storm by Aaron Sperschneider

We chased this impressive line of thunderstorms in Nebraska Sandhills. Or rather, we were being chased by the thunderstorm system.

Downburst near Wolfhagen by Aaron Sperschneider

Downbursts are strong downdrafts that are often associated with intense heavy rain and hail. As soon as the downdraft reaches the ground, it spreads sideways, and the wind can reach hurricane force.

Massive squall line in Nebraska by Aaron Sperschneider

Nothing happened for a long time that day over rural Nebraska. Just some weak thunderstorms.

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