Impressive supercell in Plainview by Bruno Gonçalves

After several hours chasing in Texas, we spotted this huge severe warned supercell, NW of Amarillo, and drove in its direction

Sunset supercell near Postojna in Slovenia by Maja Kraljik

Near Postojna in Slovenia, this storm became a supercell that travelled further south across Istria and faded near Opatija in Croatia as the sun went down

Tornadic supercell near Leoti by William Demasi

Tornadic sculpted supercell with an extremely spectacular evolution, characterized by a strong rotation of the mesocyclone even in the medium levels.

Panoramic shot of massive storm in Istria by Maja Kraljik

Panoramic shot and one element of an extensive storm system

Amazing lightning near Leoti by William Demasi

Magnificent sunset and some spectacular lightning strikes.

Shelf cloud and double rainbow at Trutnovsko by Filip Petržílek

A beautiful view of an incoming and very photogenic storm from Poland

Epic lightning and rain shaft at sunset by Danijel Palčić

Epic scenery over the Croatian island Pag. Taken on August 24, 2020.

A beautiful shelf cloud at sunset by Maja Kraljik

The initial stage of formation before this beautiful shelf cloud grew into a beautiful monster

Sunset supercell near Leoti by William Demasi

The storm system was born in convergence on the dry line, lasting until the evening hours and giving a magnificent sunset and some spectacular lightning strikes.

Crazy night summer storm by Francesco Gennari

A crazy storm from the summer of 2015 that spread from Ancora to Venice

Marvel in the sky by Šimon Rogl

Colorful thunderstorm with right-side updraft captured near Otvovice on May 30, 2017

Crepuscular rays at sunrise by Šimon Rogl

In the morning you wake up you get in the car, you look around, the sun starts to rise, and you see that it will be a breathtaking spectacle

Rain showers at sunset by Angelo Concilio

After the strong storm on Friday, some rain showers affected the Gulf of Salerno at sunset

Summer storm lights up Italian night by Angelo Concilio

Lightning snaking across the skies above the Gulf of Salerno on a late summer night

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