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Remembering the Imperial supercell

The Imperial supercell in B&W by Bruno Gonçalves

Imperial supercell by Andreas Feichtmeier

The final phase of the Imperial supercell by Bruno Gonçalves

The Imperial Mothership and lightning by Anna Gottlieb

Mothership supercell in Nebraska by Anna Gottlieb

The Imperial Mothership by Anna Gottlieb

The Imperial Mothership in its relative infancy by Anna Gottlieb

Featured storm chase: The Bad Tölz supercell

The Bad Tölz supercell by Michi Hutter

Impressive supercell west of Bad Tölz by Michi Hutter

Insane structures of the supercell near Bad Tölz by Michi Hutter

Line of severe storms in southern Bavaria by Michi Hutter

Powerful HP supercell in Bad Tölz by Michi Hutter

Massive wall cloud over the Bavarian Alps by Michi Hutter

Featured storm chase: The Bernartice shelf cloud

Shelf cloud and lightning by Lukas Gallo

The Bernartice shelf cloud by Lukas Gallo

Shelf cloud near Bernartice by Lukas Gallo

Stunning shelf cloud by Lukas Gallo

Stunning shelf cloud in South Bohemia by Lukas Gallo

Severe weather in Europe

Epic full moon night storm by Francesco Gennari

Fantastic lightning barrage by Francesco Gennari

Lightning over Lake Montpellier by Serge Zaka

Amazing sunset thunderstorm by Serge Zaka

Supercell over Eraclea in northern Italy by Maurizio Signani

Supercell over the Port of Rome by Michi Hutter

Blue hour lightning by Florian Sabo

Tornadic supercell near Novska by Gregor Vojščak

Massive lightning bolts over Hořice by Filip Petržílek

Fantastic branched lightning by Francesco Gennari

Lightning over bay of Cannes by Serge Zaka

Shelf cloud in southern Germany by Andreas Feichtmeier

A magical storm in Bavaria by Michi Hutter

Incredible isolated thunderstorm by Dorian Dziadula

A massive bolt of lightning strikes the Dehtář lake by Lukas Gallo

Lightning over Capri by Angelo Concilio

A lightning dancing under the clouds by Francesco Gennari

Supercell storm lightning by Emric Imbertie

Early morning thunderstorm by Alan Grubelić

Amazing storm near Vicenza by Gregor Vojščak

Positive lightning in the Gulf of Trieste by Klemen Bandelj

The Bad Tölz supercell by Michi Hutter

Massive lightning bolts over Adriatic Sea by Danijel Palčić

The last stage of a mesocyclonic LP supercell by Filip Petržílek

Supercell storm over Donzenac in B&W by Emric Imbertie

Amazing night storm by Francesco Gennari

The most photogenic supercell by Gregor Vojščak

Strobe lightning along the coast of Rome by Michi Hutter

An incredible electrical activity by Angelo Concilio

Thunderstorm in Cilento by Angelo Concilio

Zagreb storm by Alan Grubelić

Adrenaline storm over the Ligurian Sea by William Demasi

Amazing LP supercell over Ljubljana by Gregor Vojščak

Lightning dream by Francesco Gennari

A big mountain of clouds by Francesco Gennari

Early stage of the HP supercell in southern Bavaria  by Michi Hutter

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