The Imperial supercell in B&W by Bruno Gonçalves

Remembering the supercell from Imperial, Nebraska, that continued its evolution, giving a magnificent structure to all chasers present… something truly EPIC!

The Vega Texas day by Laura Hedien

The Vega Texas supercell dropping some serious lightning bolts.

Severe warned supercell over Plainview by Bruno Gonçalves

Severe warned supercell over Plainview in Texas, with beautiful structure and 120km/h wind gusts

Lightning somewhere in Kansas by Graham Moore

Within 5 seconds of setting up, I managed to capture this from a fast moving severe storm in Kansas.

Photogenic supercell in Texas by Maurizio Signani

Observing the advance of a photogenic supercell over the wheat field between Pecos and Fort Stockton, Texas

Epic lightning bolt in Kansas by Dorian Dziadula

Another superb impact under this LP supercell observed in the Plains, during the blue hour.

Spectacular supercell near Leoti, Kansas by William Demasi

Probably one of the best days of our stay in the United States, from an initially linear thunderstorm system, a tornadic supercell was born among the most photogenic and impressive we have observed.

Spectacular supercell in Kansas by Maurizio Signani

The first of two supercells chased east of Goodland, Kansas.

Incredible lightning near Richfield by Laura Hedien

It was a more traditional chase of shoot, scoot, shoot some more, scoot some more… a bit more exciting and I think I still have dirt in my ears and pie hole.

Mammatus clouds underneath the Leoti supercell by William Demasi

Mammatus clouds formed on the underside of the anvil, beautifully illuminated by the setting sun.

Impressive supercell in Plainview by Bruno Gonçalves

After several hours chasing in Texas, we spotted this huge severe warned supercell, NW of Amarillo, and drove in its direction

Sunset lightning bolt in Kansas by Anna Gottlieb

The colors in this storm were out of this world! I’ve never seen such a deeply hued hail core or such bright purples in the lightning. Add in some foreground & a bit of sunset & boom!

Tornadic supercell in Dodge City by William Demasi

A tornadic supercell that was characterized by the production of a large number of vortices and by a particularly rapid and turbulent evolution

Intense lightning storm in Texas by Bruno Gonçalves

Stacked photo of an intense lightning storm in Happy, Texas

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